Breast Health Day Activities Across Europe

Activities 2010 in Finland

On 15 October, a press conference in Helsinki, including an opening speech by a congress member and a panel discussion hosted by a national TV host. Members of the panel represented professionals from several fields, such as nutrition, physical training, nursing and screening. Two breast cancer survivors were also interviewed. The event came to a close by challenging another patient organisation, the Prostate Cancer Organisation, to 6 months of exercise. The event was covered on one of the national TV channels and a some local radio stations, among others.

On 15 October in Helsinki, distribution of 1500 "Make Healthy Choices" leaflets (translated into Finnish) by 20 volunteers. The event venue was decorated with a large pink carpet and 1000 pink balloons. The balloons were distributed to passersby during the day. In order to promote discussion with those receiving them, the number (4600) of annual primary breast cancer diagnoses in Finland was printed on the balloons. Two modular floor displays presented information about breast health, breast cancer and screening.

BHD 2010 in Finland

ED Finland BHD event - Helsinki - pictured Arja Havia, Vice President of the Board

BHD 2010 in Finland

Raija-Leena Johansson - ED Finland volunteer handing out balloons