Breast Health Day Activities Across Europe

Activities 2013 in Poland

  • Lectures and talks on breast health for parents and entire families at a school in Dębica, including stand with banners and leaflets. ED Poland members who are also teachers also met with young people and teenagers to talk about healthy lifestyles
  • The XVI Pink Ribbon March in Legnica, with distribution of brochures and information on breast cancer and healthy lifestyles
  • An information stand at the district office building in Legnica
  • A swimming recreation day for ED Poland members in Legnica
  • From 12-25 October, free mammography screening in the centre of Piła and a stand promoting ED Poland
  • Participation and presentation in a scientific conference about women’s health in Piła
  • A Pink Ribbon March in Piła with a competition for the best billboard or poster promoting the prevention of breast cancer
  • The VI Pink Ribbon March in Nowy Sącz, featuring Breast Health Day 2013 stands at various government buildings including the city hall
  • A “Physical Activity Day for Women” in Przemyśl with free admission to gyms, fitness clubs and swimming pools, as well as a march around the city centre and stands set up in schools and offices promoting Breast Health Day and ED Poland
  • A press conference in Legnica about the 2013 campaign and Breast Health Day activities
  • Promotion of Breast Health Day 2013 in the Polish Parliament, translation of banners and flyers with the Breast Health Day 2013 logo and carrying out Breast Health Day web campaigns
  • A “Boobs at the Center -- Health Comes First” awareness event in the centre of Warsaw at the main entrance to the subway station to draw attention to the need for breast health among women of all ages. Leaflets on keeping healthy were distributed.
  • A photography campaign of a collage of busts and fruit and vegetables to promote a healthy image of women and breasts in the media and that taking care of breast health can be fun
At the “Boobs at the Center -- Health Comes First” event

At the “Boobs at the Center -- Health Comes First” event

At the Breast Health Day promotion event in Przemyśl

At the Breast Health Day promotion event in Przemyśl